How many of us can turn a really bad life situation into the time of our lives? Well, Thaddeus Kalinoski could. This guy had a normal life until his whole world started crumbling down.


And honestly, we get him. I mena, losing your job and your wife isn’t all that easy, right? So after all of these disappointments, Kalinoski got into a pretty dark spot. He started gaining weight, he quit shaving or cutting his hair and wore glasses anytime he went out (and by ‘out’ we mean nothing further than a supermarket).

One day, someone asked to take a photo with him, confusing him with Zach Galifianakis. That was the first time Thaddeus realized that he actually did look a lot like Alan’s character in The Hangover. And nothing was the same since then.


At first, our guy gave a small shot to his role as Alan in Atlantic City and it was nothing spectacular. After he got to Las Vegas, though, he earned $250,000 a year!

Apparently, an Alan impersonator can get up to $1,000 for a gig. Every club he walks in, he’s the heart of the party – also, he doesn’t remmber the last time he paid for a drink. Needless to say that our Alan impersonator made plenty of friends and partied like never before.


Now Thaddeus is friends with celebrities and, in the end, he actually became Alan’s double in The Hangover III.


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