What do you have to do to lose weight and look good? Eat healthy foods and work out, right?

Theoretically, that would be the right answer. But we all know how hard it gets once you’re actually trying to do it.

According to dietitian Leslie Langevin of Whole Health Nutrition, our greatest problem is that we look at food the wrong way. According to her, thinking about food as food is wrong.


Before you leave a comment saying that this doesn’t make sense, just take a look at the doctor’s theory.

Think of food as fuel.

What does this mean? For example, rather than thinking about that delicious pasta or ice cream as the answer to your prayers, you should see it as a key-ingredient for your body.

Most of the times, we tend to see foods as a reward or a gift we give ourselves for enduring that long diet or workout. The minute we do that, our mind stops seeing food as a source of energy and health – and that’s when bad things start happening.

Your body is a machine and food is the thing that keeps it going. That is its purpose. So next time you start treating food like an Instagram god or anything else, re-think your ideas!

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