Devil’s Breath – The World’s Hottest Ice-Cream


This may sound extremely for you, but Devil’s Breath a.k.a. the Respiro del Diavolo is a very hot ice-cream that contains assortment of hot chilies. To have a clue about its flavor, the ice-cream scores over 1.5 million units on the Scoville scale of hotness. The Devil’s Breath is probably the most dangerous ice-cream in the world.


This type of ice-cream was brought to Glasgow, Scotland by the owner of the Aldwych Café and Ice Cream Parlour named Martin Bandoni and he says that the ice-cream’s recipe has been a guarded secret among Italian gelato makers for many centuries. Bardoni thought that he would hit the jackpot with this recipe, so he put it on the menu of his ice-cream parlour.

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