According to the UN’s disaster-monitoring system, “America sits alongside India and China in suffering the greatest number of natural disasters globally between 1995 and 2015″.


Most of the natural disasters the world experienced were predicted by scientist and within the 21st century they have made many predictions of major natural disasters occurring in the near and distant future. So, here are 10 major natural disasters that, according to scientific evidence, may occur anytime.

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1 thought on “10 Major Natural Disasters That May Affect All of Us Soon”

  1. Thorough recorded History, natural disasters have been recorded, by ancient Historians of that day. From the destruction of Pompeii to Sodom and Gomorrah, from the ancient worldwide flood recorded in the scriptures, to the destruction of civilizations spread across the globe. Contrary to man’s thinking, God often uses these natural disasters, to address man’s unwillingness to obey God and his Word. Pompeii is a classic rendering of God’s judgment, upon a pagan city. Much of this account, is recorded by the ancient Roman Historian Pliny the Younger.

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