Everybody knows the used goods industry is growing fast and the obvious reason so many people return to a second-hand store is that the products are cheaper. Well… even if it sounds good so far, you can’t buy anything from thrift stores—at least not without taking risks.


Here are 7 items you should never buy at a second-hand store.

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2 thoughts on “7 Common Items You Should NEVER Buy at Thrift Store”

  1. I thought it was a law for a used store to sell a mattress without having it treated – like Goodwill and such plus they also do wash all the clothes that come in before putting them up for sale. I didn’t give it a thought as they items always smell nice and clean, never have seen dirty clothes sold at the used stores. At a garage sale, that is a different story. The dog toys and such, dishes, etc can go through the dishwasher on hot to disinfect them.

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