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When time is short and your shopping list is long, it can be tempting to make a single stop at the warehouse club. After all, Costco, Sam’s Club and BJ’s stock everything from groceries and cleaning supplies to electronics and clothing – often in bulk quantities and often at discounted prices.


Plus, you need to get your money’s worth from the annual membership fee you’re paying. Smart shopping move, right? Not necessarily.


While many warehouse club deals are, indeed, good, you might want to skip over certain items.


There are three big reasons. One, buying in bulk doesn’t make sense if you don’t need bulk quantities or you won’t use them up before they spoil or expire. Two, quality isn’t always up to snuff at warehouse clubs. And three, you’re missing out on the money-saving power of weekly sales and coupons – Costco and Sam’s Club don’t accept manufacturer coupons; BJ’s does, but with restrictions.


Here’s a look at 10 common items stocked by warehouse clubs that you might want to pick up somewhere else.

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