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As the coronavirus continues to spread, there are many people who get depressed, stressed and anxious because of the havoc wreaked by this pandemic. And if you feel anxious and depressed you should know that you are not alone in this situation and there are a lot of solutions that can help you if you stay calm. 

Unfortunately, COVID-19 is in more than a hundred countries and the government is obliged to take emergency measures until we return to normal life. As you already know, ‘normal life’ means ‘social distancing’ these days and it is the best rule ever implemented because in this way we will stay safe. 

Moreover, the saddest part of this story about quarantine and isolation – besides the disasters provoked by the virus per se of course – is the depression and social anxiety that people have to face. The truth is that being too anxious or stressed is not just a mental hazard, but it is a physical one as well. And we need to stay as healthy as possible these days because if we have a strong immune system we are invincible. So, since the mind is strongly connected to our physic and our brain is controlling everything, we must first solve these mental issues related to depression and anxiety. 

Therefore, if you have a healthy mind, your immune system will improve and you can easily overcome any illness. You have to keep in mind that the more stressed we are, the more vulnerable we are to colds and flu. Read on for more info!

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