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Well, there are many gorgeous women in this world and you have probably seen a lot of them, but did you know that some were born male? They look stunning even though they were born as the opposite gender. 

Here are some amazing women that you won’t believe were born men! Read on to see more pics!

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24 thoughts on “12 Famous Women You Won’t Believe Were Born Men”

  1. Not many people understand how it feels to be born in the wrong body. It is so easy for people to just form their own judgement without ever experiencing or considering what it’s like. And it is so despicable how Trans people are treated.
    It is hard enough to go through life everyday with this all intensive permeating constriction on your life because you just can’t be who you really are. We are not just bodies, WE ARE SOULS AND BEINGS. For whatever reason, sometimes we are destined to walk this path, but to be a woman in a man’s body is not really living. It is existing only. Some even succumb at an early age.
    We don’t get to shine and burn bright through our lifetime until (if we are blessed) get to make the transition.
    I’m glad more and more of us are sync’ing with our beings!! And great to see some of us are metamorphising into such beauties!!!!

    1. Sex surgery is not sex changing, it is mutilation. god made you what you are, even if you do not like it. changing your body organs doesn’t change what you were born as.

  2. Solve your own problem, next time you are naked face the mirror and look to see what sex you are. You are what you see, not what you think you should be. Come on man!!!!

  3. I had the privilege of meeting Christine Jorgensen in the 70’s when I was a young teen. She visited our’ home in Brea, California. My Father was a photographer, amongst other talents and skills, to the Hollywood celebrities at the time. Christine was one of the kindest, down-to-earth and most interesting person of the ‘In crowd’ that I had ever met! She described, in exquisite detail, the ordeals she endured to become the woman that she knew herself to be. I will never forget the wonderful insight shared with me and consider this to be an unusual and valuable insight into human nature. Thank you Christine…respect and prayers to those that you left behind.

  4. This is so funny, the have disabled the commit on all the election topics, but you can leave a comment here. Freedom of speech is gone. 😪

  5. Shirley Kaipo EL ROI MEANS “GOD SEES ME!” 1370 Ululani St. Apt. A111

    I admire anyone who is honest about who they really are! My nephew is a male hair stylist by day and one of the most beautiful women in the world As an entertainer in the Bi world! Everyone knows in our world is aware, So, no big deal! Love everyone NEVER BE JUDGEMENTAL ! LOVE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THIS WORLD!

  6. Caitlyn Jenner used to be Bruce Jenner, gold medal winner of the decathlon in the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal. The fact that he/she won the top prize of the most manly-man contest in the world goes a long way to show how human psychology between the genders can be arbitrary. Only our physical bodies limit our potential.

  7. If your body is objectively fine for your sex but you are disgusted by it, then by physically transitioning you are trying to fix a mental problem with a physical fix. I know a young man who is transitioning to female but says that he/she likes women so will become lesbian. As far as I can tell, his/her tastes (e.g. video games) are more aligned with those typical of young men. So my guess is that this has to do more about a way of explaining/excusing his/her depression and mental issues. The transgender community is very militant and you can be immersed in an echo chamber that distorts reality. I can accept that in some cases gender transition can be the right choice, but I suspect that it has become fashionable and people who shouldn’t do it are falling for it. Yeah, I know that is a very hard thing to do, but becoming a “victim” is also attractive to many people.



    1. I feel very sorry for you! SPOUTING hate and judging others, THANK GOD There is only ONE who will do the final JUDGING and it is done with LOVE and compassion!I. ISNT it wonderful that YOU WILL BE ENCLUDED! SO look in your mirror and really look at yourself do YOU know who you are???SAINT or SINNER? GOD WILL BE THE JUDGE of YOU and everyone else!!MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON ALL OF THOSE WHO LOVE OTHERS UNCONDITIONALLY!

  8. They can change everything they want to change, their looks, sexual appearance , attitude , and body parts. BUT, there is one thing they have to keep, that they can never change. It’s their DNA. Whatever you are born, you really can never finally claim that you are the opposite sex. DNA is permanent.

    1. Good analogy. I feel for the folks that really believe they are in the wrong bodies. If they want to have gender changing surgery or dress up, that is fine. What I do not want if to have it shoved down my throat as if this is perfectly normal and acceptable. It isn’t normal to me, but I respect the right of others to believe that it is.
      Also, I do not believe there should be additional rights or privileges given or new laws made for people who consider themselves transgender.

  9. This is why our youth are confused… How do you know how ther other ‘sex’feels. I mean how does one know what it ‘feels’ like to be a woman, a woman doesn’t know what it feels like to be a woman and vice versa. Like someone else said you can get all the surgeries in the world, it will not resemble or perform like the ‘real thing’. Love the body you were born in..because it is the body GOD gave you.


    As long as it’s an adult making a decision, I don’t care. Chop off a foot if you find a doctor to do it. What I don’t like is giving children ‘puberty blockers’ before they really know who they are. I wanted to be a turtle when I was 5 and Mom said “NO.” Later on I wished I was a boy because they had more fun and I hated dresses, etc. If my parents had catered to the current “Fad” and put me on the ‘blockers’, it would have ruined my life. It MUST be an adult making their own decision.

    I doubt this site will put up a list of those who took their lives after undergoing the surgery.

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