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When you reach a new stage of life and become an adult, some things will change, especially your wardrobe. When you turn 40, you have your career and family under control and you feel better than ever in your own skin. So, this is the time when you should change something about yourself and try new things, such as trying on a new clothing style that will define you.

“When my clients reach 40, they are acclimatized to who they are, they are no longer looking to the external world to influence their decisions, and they’re not looking at trends or social media to give them insight on what to wear,” says fashion psychologist Dawnn Karen.

Here are some ideas that will help you create a beautiful and fashionable style that can also make you feel fabulous in your 40s and beyond. So, read on for more info!

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16 thoughts on “12 Things You Should Stop Wearing After 40”

  1. God doesn’t care how you dress. So why should I care about some so called expert’s opinion?

    P.S. I look GOOOD in anything. Thank God. Amen.

    1. HI, I am “LIZ”, also 😉 I am a retired transplant & only have my son, his wife & their 8yr. old daughter. My son says I dress like the 1980s. Especially since Covid., I really don’t get out much. I have tons of clothes & was always a “fashionista”, previously, but at 73, I suppose I don’t care. Before Covid, I always went to the hairdresser & had manis/pedis, on schedule, but this is Florida!

  2. I agree with Liz — at 84, I am not looking for a job, nor trying to establish styling trends. I wear velcro sneakers because I have trouble bending down to tie shoes, and they fit and support my feet. If I want to wear a veteran’s Tee, I wear it; same with logo shirts for my college and my NFL team, and my aerobatics organization. There is a vet tleelll that says, among other things, “if my patriotism offends you, I DON’T CARE.” Same forf my “fashion” choices…

  3. This is mostly B S I am 80 look 60 feel 50….I wear spots jerseys to support my team and show I am not an antique. I still wear my school ring and am approached by other identifying with it. I wear a smile because I like what I wear and think I look good. Age has little to do with it. I don’t wear mini skirts because my legs are no longer firm but my butt is so I wear skinny jeans…trying to tell others how to dress is like putting lipstick on a pig…it makes you look ridiculous and the pig won’t like it!

  4. Let me tell you people something. I was born and raise on a farm down in Georgia. Ripped jeans is not a fashion. The hard work put the holes in my jeans. This is nothing new to me. Hard work put the holes in the people jeans down south and now you trying to make a fashion statement out of it. I think anybody or any age can wear these jeans. You pay all this money for holes in jeans when people down south holes come from natural hard work. This is nothing new to the people that work on farms down south. So I think it doesn’t matter what age you is. At lease our holes are natural holes.


  5. God does care how we dress, he made clothes with a purpose! however the way we see are self should relfect from the inside out!

  6. God does care about how we dress! clothes are made with a purpose,however your image of what you wear should come from the inside out.

    1. Hi Kelly,
      I really gotta disagree with you. God does NOT care what you choose to wear, but how good your heart is, Clothing can very easily become a mark of vanity. God isn’t in to vanity…

  7. I also agree with the former comments. I am the expert of my own body and the clothes I put on it. I am in my seventies and believe I have lived long enough to do what I want and wear what I want. This is only someone’s opinion. I have my own opinions and don’t need someone telling me what to wear. I have logo shirts also and wear them when I feel like it. People need to be comfortable. Besides all that, I don’t agree with age discrimination which this is a form of.

    1. I agree, fashion had dictated to women and me for too long. But on the other hand I have seen white trash who wear clothes that are too small or too skimpy, dresses that should be worn for cocktail hours and shorts that should be worn only at home, out in the stores, or offices, or TV Weather Diva’s who are not really divas they just think they are. We don’t all want to see bra straps and underwear worn in public! Those are the thinks that fashion should be teaching some of us YOUNGER ladies and men!

    1. i dont agree with alot of this. if you have a job that demands it then yes gotta dress nice. but 99% of the people i know wear ‘cheap’ clothes because its all they can afford. i shop at goodwill, salvation army and you can find some good stuff. but i will wear what i want. who decided i need to wear what i am told?

  8. For many years I have worked for a plastic surgeon doing his skin treatments. Women come in with the same attitude…it doesn’t matter. I really don’t do anything about my skin. I don’t bother. Then I say let’s just try something. After all they are there. I finish my magic, they go to the mirror in the dressing room, one with good lights, and I hear them say….oh, wow. They come out with such a smile on their faces. And come back the next month. I think everyone is concerned about their appearance, even if it’s an “I don’t care” statement. But we don’t always know what’s best for us. So I listen to my hairdresser, my dentist, all my professional helpers. Experts are just experienced and knowledgeable and know the results. I’m 80, can pass for 60, and I read and pay attention to good advice.

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