1. The Inauguration Day look 

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The first look we are going to talk about is the one Mrs. Trump wore on her husband’s Inauguration Day. She was dressed in a mid-length baby-blue cashmere dress made by American designer Ralph Lauren. Just like Trump’s campaign said, “Follow two simple rules: Buy American and hire American”. And this is exactly what his wife has done.

The Ralph Lauren Corporation stated about the outfit they created for the first lady: “The Presidential Inauguration is a time for the United States to look our best to the world. It was important to us to uphold and celebrate the tradition of creating iconic American style for this moment”. Her outfit was accessorized with a pair of long sleeve gloves and a pair of stiletto heels, both in the same color as the dress.

Several fashion critics and journalists associated Melania’s look with the way Jackie was dressed when John F. Kennedy was inaugurated as the new president in 1961. She wore a powder blue outfit, which she accessorized with a pair of white long sleeve gloves and a big hat, the same color as the coat.

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