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Could you pass a U.S. citizenship test? To pass the U.S. citizenship test, applicants must score at least 60 percent on a test about U.S. history and civics. There are 100 potential questions, but only up to 10 questions will be asked in English during the interview.

About 1 million people immigrate to the U.S. legally every year, but to be eligible to become a citizen, a person must live in the U.S. with a green card for at least five years. A green card is like an indefinite stay visa that has its own long, difficult process to acquire.

If you get 12/20 correct or more, you will pass the test portion of the citizenship interview!

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327 thoughts on “7 Out of 10 Americans Couldn’t Pass This Citizenship Test”

    1. Mary Anne Storch

      We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility…do establish this constitution for ourselves and our posterity. Preamble to the US Constitution

  1. i wonder how many senators and congress men or women could pass the should be mandatory for all elected officials

    1. That is a great theory. All Congress men and women should have to take the test. It is not easy; unless you have an updated pamphlet on the Constitution and Amendents.

  2. Why bother, you get better rights if you are an illegal refugee! No ID, Full benefits as a citizen and now, you can even vote as if you were a legal citizen!

  3. It is Not the whole or complete opening — it IS. ‘WE THE PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES, in order to form a more perfect union, …’ SO, it is NOT the Citizens they are referring to — it is those ‘People’ in Congress–because the ‘United States’ they are referring to is the 10 sq. miles in Art 1, section 8, Cl. 17
    We are Citizens of the united States of America , NOT the United States

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