10 Dangerous Criminals Who Could Be Released this Year

John Worboys


This prolific rapist had an organized strategy to offer women cheap lifts in his taxi and tell them that he won the lottery, offering his victim a glass of champagne to celebrate with him. Unfortunately, his victims never knew that the drink was spiked with tranquillizer. Using this method, he raped and assaulted London women.


Plymouth Pedophile


She seems an angel, but she isn’t. She was regarded by all the mothers in her children’s nursery, but she developed an obsession with children after meeting Colin Blanchard with whom she had an affair. In 2009 she sexually assaulted many infants at her nursery, using awful methods while she recorded them on her phone.


Police say that she did this over 30 times, and the experienced detectives who investigated this case said they felt physically sick at the images Vanessa and Colin shared. Unfortunately, Vanessa George is up for release this year.

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