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Over the years, the concept of fashion has evolved in many different ways and people can’t stop it, but can grow along with it. This is the case for many female public figures who’ve made fashion statements.

By wearing iconic hues or unique accessories, throughout the decades, these women have delivered possible signals and paid respect to history. For instance, many American women who are implied in politics have worn all-white as a tribute to suffragists. This is actually a tradition that is a few decades old.

The day she was elected as the country’s first Black congresswoman in 1968, Shirley Chisholm, the first Black woman to compete for president for a major political party chose to wear an all-white outfit on Election Day.

We can say that she is the promotor of an all-white look because since then, many female political figures started to wear this color at important political events, such as Vice President Kamala Harris and Hilary Clinton.

However, these are not the only ones! If you want to find out all the details, keep reading!

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4 thoughts on “7 Politicians’ Wives Who Are Dressed Better Than Models”

  1. I really liked Jackie’s style during my time fashion was everything. I morn today to see that real fashion has given way to no sense of anything. The worse the fashion look s the better. I liked Michelle Obama for her sense of choice with her personal desires. Michelle was very conscious of the financial make of the country.

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