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“Blondes are dumb”, says one of the most popular stereotypes that have ever existed. Maybe it started with actress Marilyn Monroe, who was considered one of the most appealing women, or with director Alfred Hitchcock, who used to cast blonde females in his movies.

Whatever the case may be, we all know that women who have lighter hair are considered to be more desirable and attractive than brunettes or redheads, but less smart.

There was a study conducted by Jay Zagorsky, a research scientist at The Ohio State University, which said that blonde people are not dumb, but they actually have a higher IQ than those who are brunettes or redheads.

First of all, we have to say that IQ can be determined with the help of a particular IQ test. According to experts, average people can score up to 90-110 points, and those who are “above average” can get their numbers up to 120.

In addition to that, those who are blessed can score up to 130 points, while those who are even smarter have the capacity to get over 130 points.

We believe that hair color is not a criterium when it comes to deciding how smart someone is. With that being said, we wanted to destroy the stereotype regarding light-haired women, so here are 10 “dumb-blondes” who actually have a high IQ.

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1 thought on “10 “Dumb-Blondes” Who Actually Have a High IQ”

  1. Judy Holliday, a very good actress from the 50’s and early 60’s (she died young from breast cancer) usually played ‘dumb blonde’ types in her movies. She makes all these ‘smart’ blondes look pretty dumb.
    Her IQ was 172.

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