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When Gabrielle Chanel decided that she wants to be Coco Chanel and started designing, everyone told her she won’t make it, because it’s too out of people’s comfort zone. Women used to wear big, fluffy dresses with corsets, until Chanel came up and said something like ”don’t like it, let’s change it”. She reinvented fabrics such as tweed, viscose jersey and made the female fashion a little more ”manly”. I’m not talking about wearing an oversized shirt and some large pants, but creating power suits that women feel comfortable and confident in and also fashion that is accessible.

She made a statement endorsing the fact that fashion is not about clothes, but about style and class. Well, what can we say when designers think that making a change in the fashion industry means going extremely crazy? We know that brands like Chanel and Versace are really bold and forward, but sometimes it’s not the case for everyone.

Let’s take a look at some new clothing items that designers think they would sell. And no, I’m not talking about clear shoes, 15 inch heels and super cropped shirts, but you’ll see.

Before we start, I’ll give you a hint: I think that neither Beyoncé or Jennifer Lopez could make these clothing items work.

1. The ‘Where’s my body?” Jumpsuit

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Well, when I say that I would’ve loved to have endless legs, I’m not talking about this. A joke on many social media platforms said that the waistband is getting higher and higher each year. Even though a lot of people love when the waist of their jeans goes above the belly button, I’m sure they wouldn’t want to have buttons almost at the neck level.

Just look at this picture: all you see is a body covered in a huge piece of denim. Yes, guess I’ll say pass on this trend.

Oh, yes, this piece of clothing is also crazy expensive: $1,425.

2. Gucci Sock Sandals

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If you remember, 3 or 4 years ago, there was this fashion trend when you combine stilettos or sandals with socks. Not the best, not the worst. It looks like one of those trends that was inspired by men who put on some slides just for getting out of the house to get the mail.

We’ve seen this trend on the street, on runways, on TV, now we don’t even have to think about what shoe goes with what sock, what colors match and what fabrics make the look work. That’s because Gucci came up with the idea of designing a pair of boots that looks like a sandal combined with socks.

For some people, this might be a trendy, cool and bold idea, but for some it can be seen as eating fries with ice cream and ranch. Not everyone’s cup of tea.

3. Muddy Denim Outfit

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If you decide to buy this PRPS jacket for $425, you’ll never have to worry that you are going to stain it, because it comes like that already. You can have an “earthy” look without even trying. And if you don’t know what goes with this piece of clothing, no need to panic, because Nordstrom also sells a muddy pair of jeans for $425.

If you want to look like someone who just won a fight with a horse in the woods, here you go: the muddy denim outfit from Nordstrom. Everyone’s eyes will be on you for sure!


4. Shorts and jeans – all in one pair

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I bet it happens to you to spend  a lot of time putting together an outfit. You have to keep in mind the weather, the plans you have for the day, the shoes, accessories… so, basically everything.

Not the case anymore, because you can find a pair that has shorts, but also long jeans, all in one. I can’t come up with an idea of why you would want to wear such thing, but if you’re feeling confident that you can pull this off, I can really say congratulations – ’cause you’re really creative!

5. The Denim jacket that gives you arms for days 


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Just like we’ve talked about at the beginning of this article, some designers are exaggerating some small details when they come up with new clothing ideas. Maybe it’s the desire to be the different one or maybe they just want to have fun designing.

If you look at the imagine above, the main idea of the jacket is simple, nice and cute, nothing to out there, but those enormous and extreme sleeves make it weird and really uncomfortable. Just imagine washing your hands, holding a bag, driving a car or even calling someone. You’ll give the illusion that your arms never end, but at what cost, if you can’t do basic chores?

Mass market, haute couture, designer, prêt-à-porter, or avant-garde, we can’t decide which category we should place this clothing item in. The truth is that we don’t need to do that. I can find these clothing articles weird, but maybe you feel the need to be a little different and would love to try one of these. Just like everybody says, act confident and no one will question you.

Would you buy any of these clothing items? Where would you dress like that? Give us some fashion tips, because we would love to hear. Also, if you dislike them, just say why; we all have different points of view.

At the end of the day, you don’t need to be trendy to feel bold. Just like Coco Chanel used to say, fashion is not about clothes, but about style.

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