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Some people might think that you have to get pregnant before you hit your mid-30s because it will be even harder to have kids afterwards. Even though it might be true that it can be more difficult to get pregnant when you are older, nobody says that you have to be as young as Kylie Jenner to start a family.

Being an older parent is no longer a taboo subject like it used to be, but it’s actually pretty normal, both in the Hollywood world or in real life. When it comes to celebrities, we can say that some of them wanted to focus more on their careers and decided to shift towards starting a family when they were more mature.

There are many famous people who decided to have more children or even become parents for the first time when they were in their 50s. As long as the parents are happy, we are happy as well!

Before you ask, no, we are not talking about fathers, but only about famous mothers! Here are 5 of them!

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  1. I got married at 52, went to a fertility specialist, had an egg donor, and delivered my daughter at age 54. It was the most wonderful experience of my life.

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