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Even before plastic surgery became practically ‘de rigueur’ among celebrities, there were already plenty of people having work done in search of the perfect figure or a touched-up face. Among A-listers, cosmetic procedures are popular, but how these surgeries turn out varies hugely.

Read on to see some notable cases of celebs who went under the knife, our first one is rather obvious, but what an ummmm ‘transformation’, some might even call it ‘bad’!

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8 thoughts on “15 Celebrities Who Have Been Transformed by Plastic Surgery”

  1. Practically all of these narcissists look much worse AFTER cosmetic ‘enhancements’! Not that they were knockouts to begin with!

  2. I’m glad Meg Rayen had something done because she had some serious aging related problems. Now she looks GREAT! I believe if we are able to have a little bit of plastic surgery done, then why not, and today there are things that can be done where we don’t need to go under the knife. Just don’t let the doctor talk us into getting too much surgery done, that’s all. Otherwise we’ll end up looking like a CLOWN!

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