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Drinking a beer or a glass of wine here and there doesn’t cause any harm, especially when it isn’t a large quantity. You can also have fun, catch up with friends, or unwind after a long day at work.

We have all heard that when we are extremely stressed out, we tend to exaggerate in our bad habits, like smoking or drinking, for example. It seems like for some celebrities, that’s exactly what happens. They are in the public eye for the majority of the time, which can lead to mental health disorders, feeling a lot of pressure, anxiety, and depression. These factors can contribute to exaggerating alcohol consumption as a means of coping with their issues. has found that in 2015, more than 15 million American adults that are over 18 years old have qualified as having an Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). This is considered to be alcohol addiction and alcoholism. It is believed that alcohol is the most used substance in the United States of America. And just like we’ve previously said, celebrities aren’t excluded from this category. Here are 4 famous people that had real alcohol problems:

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