In this article, you’ll find a list of women from around the world who are well-known for their stunning beauty — and many other disarming qualities. Each one of these ladies is beautiful, talented, and fascinating in her own special way.

Check out this list and tell us what you think!

30. Mozhdah Jamalzadah

Originally from Afghanistan, when Mozhdah was a little girl she and her family left war-torn Afghanistan for Canada. They settled in the Great White North and Mozhdah found solace in music, using it to wipe the slates clean and forget their turmoil in her home country.

She released her debut and hit single Afgan girl as a student at the University of British Columbia which went on to become a fan favorite in Afghanistan.

Photo by Andrea Raffin from Shutterstock

29. Alicia Vikander

Alicia Vikander started her acting journey at the tender age of 7 and by age 9 started ballet. The Swede native is most notably known for starting as Gerda Wegener the Danish girl which she won an Oscar award for. Alicia’s acting prowess got her the role of Lara Croft in the latest iteration of Tomb Raider movie in which Angelina Jolie previously acted.

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26 thoughts on “Top 30 Most Beautiful Women in the World”

  1. Hard to give any credibility if Melania was not considered as or more beautiful that some of these, especially Beyonce.

    1. Tom Elwood: Absolutely agree with your assessment of Top Thirty Most Beautiful Women. Melania Trump is certainly number one in my book. We are so lucky that she belongs to our country.

    2. What is the criteria for “ beautiful”? I spend my days helping to improve the lives of children. Some days I just dash out the door with no makeup or an imperfect hairstyle. My heart says prioritize whats important that day – help others . If one of your editors ran into me, would she/ he be in awe? Would they snap my photo and put me on the most beautiful list because of my inner love and giving? I doubt it. Good luck finding and ranking ur most beautiful women.

    3. Melania would never be considered because she is married to the greatest president we have seen, hated by the left because they have no one that could even come close to Trump.

      1. Right on, Paul! He must win this next election as well as gain control of the House and keep the Senate in order to Keep America Great!

      2. Trump is the most dishonest civil servant that has ever existed in this country. Today, every state in America is favoring Biden and I am glad that most people found out about how corrupt Trump is. He might even say that the only reason he lost the election is because he is now hospitalized with the Pandemic and he is not able to get around to all of the states. He was yelled at by most Republicans to give it up, quit and turn himself in. It has been revealed by his tax accountant that Trump’s income tax that was paid only twice in the past ten years was $750.00. His income was in the millions and his bankruptcies were six times over the past several years. He is currently in debt for over $760,000,000.00. He still has a few years before he can file for bankruptcy again. I just think about all of those poor people that are owed money that might not ever get it. Just like in the past.

  2. Melania Trump, is one of the most beautiful women in the world. So many more Americans that are beautiful not on this list . Bella Hadid , Gigi’s sister , is gorgeous.

    1. Right on, Nellie! No question about Melania. In fact, I would put her up against any of those pictured here! Not only is she beautiful, but probably the smartest of all shown as well as a great humanitarian!

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