8. Blue Lave

The Eruptions of volcanoes are very oddly-satisfying to watch, but we all know how much damage they provoked during history. But in Indonesia, things are a lil’ bit different: The Kawah Ijen crater, situated on the Island of Java, looks like it spits blue waves of lava.


How is this possible? Well, due to a high concentration of sulfur around the area of the volcano, when sulfur ignites, the blue flame appears when that sulfur burns.


Hint: This natural wonder is even more captivating at night!


7. The Stone-Turning Lake

Imagine the perfect horror movie scene: a lake in wilderness where fossilized animals are floating. Lake Natron in Tanzania is the place that will definitely give you goosebumps. Confused? This lake has a high pH and it’s caustic enough to dissolve the feathers, the skin and the organs of animals that can’t adapt.


Even the ecosystem of this lake was formed and some animals were lucky enough to survive there, their bodies undergo a type of mummification.


Nick Brandt photographed different species, calcified by this bizarre “witchery” of Mother Nature.

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