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The impulse to celebrate the harvest and the last days before winter dates back more than two millennia, and ways of marking this time are cross-cultural. Some are based on religious practices, while others are based on Pagan lore.

Over time, the marriage between these impulses have led to what we see today: carved pumpkins, nighttime mischief, dressing in disguise, children begging for treats, and lastly, an occasion that is just as much about adults as kids.

Stacker scoured the internet to find photos of 15 incredible Halloween decoration displays. These are people who go through the time, trouble, and creative effort to convert their yards or streets into Jack-o’-lantern jungles, or zombie zoos, or spook spectacles, and they do it for the joy of entertaining others.

They add light shows. They synch their light shows to Halloween themed music, such as Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” They set up websites and hashtags and Facebook pages. They get listed on trick-or-treating apps. They get interviewed by local media, or maybe show up on “Good Morning America.” That’s good news for you, the fans of Halloween, or at least, the fans of over-the-top Halloween displays.

Some of the Halloween displays Stacker unearthed are best viewed by driving by the block at a slow crawl. That’s why we’ve provided the details, just in case you are in the neighborhood. Other display-builders provide a parking area so you can get out of the car and amble around, interacting (if you dare) with the inhabitants of the display, which may or may not be inanimate.

At least one display from our list involves walking through a maze (heebie-jeebies warning) and hoping you make it back (don’t worry, you will).

Almost every display on our list is active for a limited time, just through the Halloween season. Most of these offer free admission, but in some cases, donations are gladly accepted. Donations might go to support local charities or be put to good use in the construction of next year’s fright-o-rama.

Read on for some ghoulish Halloween displays from around the country.

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