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You should create a cleaning plan

People who already have a job or have to take care of their children (or even both) can’t find time to clean their house properly. But, according to experts, if you try to create a cleaning plan and make it a standing event, you will be more likely to stick to that program and be more efficient when it comes to cleaning your house. 

All you need to do is to write down your to-dos, and after completing your tasks, you can try to tick them with a sign. “Plan out your to-do list in sections of daily, weekly, and monthly chores to outline what needs to be done first,” recommends Leanne Stapf, chief operating officer at The Cleaning Authority.

In addition, you can try to create to-do lists for each room. This method is very efficient because it can help you stick to your plan and keep you motivated to do your chores. “Writing out each room’s chores will assist in staying organized and create a visual kudos as you begin to check off each task,” added Stapf.


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Create a space for important documents

Every house should have a special place for important documents and family meetings, right? You should know exactly where your work documents, bills or medical history are. Even though you don’t live in a huge house that can accommodate a big family office, you can actually be organized if you really want to, and all you have to do is to opt for a basket (or you can transform a shelf) where you can keep all of your important papers. 

According to Jen Breitegan, founder of Organizenvy, “this is a centralized place to keep family schedules, bills and important paperwork, grocery lists and weekly menus, spare keys, and a home management binder with important phone numbers, family medical information and home maintenance schedules (like air filters, water filters, AC checkups, etc.).”

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