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You should try to get rid of old clothes

First of all, you should try to donate your old clothes, instead of throwing them away, as there are some people who need them more than you actually do. In fact, donating your old clothes can be environmentally friendly. But when is it time to get rid of them? “If you didn’t use it last winter, you’re not going to wear it this winter, either,” says McCubbin.

So, you can check your wardrobe every six months and try to donate what you don’t wear or like. Even though it is not as simple as it seems, you should think about people in need who would like to wear what you don’t wear but continue to keep in your wardrobe.


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Teach your kids 

Kids don’t like to do chores (or be organized) because household tasks are boring. But one of the most important reasons that can explain this behavior is that you have not taught them how to complete their tasks and become more responsible when it comes to household obligations. 

“Organizing bins and baskets of all their My Little Pony or all their trucks is a great way to get them started,” says McCubbin. “If they put something away [themselves], they know exactly where they left it.”


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You can use baking soda to clean certain items

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on different cleaning products that probably contain certain chemicals that can be harmful to your health, you can actually opt for another natural method that is also effective, such as baking soda.

So, if you want to clean your garbage disposal, you have to “pour [baking soda] in the drain, then pour vinegar on top,” said Christine Dimmick, the founder of natural eco-friendly home cleaning line The Good Home Co. and the author of Detox Your Home.

In addition, to remove gunk from a pan, you can “dust the surface with baking soda, fill the pan with water, and put it on the stove to simmer,” recommends Harriet Jones, cleaning and maintenance supervisor from Go Cleaners in the United Kingdom. Then scrub it with a sponge. 

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