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Chronic Candy is a brand that was founded in 1998. It is one of the first companies that used CBD (Cannabidiol) in their composition. It started like a lollipop that had hemp flavor, which also gives the dark green color of the candy, without making the people who are eating it high.

Chronic Candy uses legal hemp oil as an ingredient, but although it’s legal, parents, police, church leaders and even a specialized group, named The Coalition Against Chronic Candy, were against this brand.

They worked towards the disposal of these candies, because they believed that kids would receive the idea of marijuana being acceptable and also, the children who like the flavor of these candies will most likely start smoking the real thing when they’ll grow older.

They didn’t succeed, especially due to the fact that many celebrities, such as Cheech Marin, Snoop Dogg and Paris Hilton supported the brand.


In 1980, while they were talking, Jim Bouton, a former NY Yankee player, and pitcher Rob Nelson developed an incredible idea: they wanted to create something new and unique to chew. They came up with the idea that a shredded bubble gum in a pouch would be a great product.

In order to start producing the bubble gum, they contacted Amurol Confections, where the two men discovered that the company had already began to develop a product like this.

The name “Big League Chew” was suggested by Rob Nelson and it looks like the product is not as loved by parents as it is by kids. The bubble gum is designed to look like the tobacco that Major Leaguers chew.

The reason why parents don’t agree with this product is because they believe that by imitating the gestures of the players, the kids are more likely to use the real stuff when they will grow older.

Even though there were a lot of complaints about this bubble gum, children seem to really enjoy it, because according to the company, since the product’s debut, over 800 million pouches of Big League Chew were sold.

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