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Couche-Tard store chain used to sell a controversial candy brand, named Sloche. This is a Canadian brand, well-known for its unusual packaging.

The gummy spider packaging revealed a picture of a growling Black man, who had a big and gold tooth. He also had gold hoops earrings and instead of hair, he had something that looked like a spider. The spider’s legs were swinging in his face, just like dreadlocks.

Many people believed that this packaging is too provocative, due to the fact that it sent a negative message, that all Black men are violent gang comrades.

Even though the company said that their packaging was just for fun, The Quebec Human Rights Commission didn’t agree and ruled against the company.

After that, Couche-Tard pulled the candy from the stores and donated $18,000 to Youth In Motion, which is a Canadian group that focuses on mentoring young people.

Laurraine LeBlanc, the woman who first said that the spider packaging went too far with the racist accents, received the 2006 Anne-Greenup Prize by the Immigration and Cultural Communities Minister of Quebec.


I think that we can’t come up with a conclusion. For some people, these candies were just satirical and meant to be funny, while others think that they can have a negative influence among children.

We can keep the discussion going by commenting down below which side are you on.

What do you think? Were these candies funny or disturbing?


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