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1. Olivia Newton-John’s pants

Newton-John’s full black tight outfit with the off-shoulder top is still iconic to this day. The funny thing is those pants were so tight she had to be sewn into them every single time.

Sounds quite extreme and dedicated? She even admitted that the pants changed her life. The frustrating part was that at the end of each filming day she had to rip them apart only for them to be sewn back again the next day.

2. Rizzo’s hickeys

We can say that Rizzo was a modern character, being more than just risky and unconventional. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that everything about the actress was original, including her hickeys from Kenickie.

Apparently, the actor himself decided to give Stockard Channing real hickeys. Well, that’s what we call devotion!

3. John Travolta and the director’s foot infection

Around the time that he started filming Grease, John Travolta joined the Scientology church. The church wasn’t too famous back then, but the young actor was getting familiar with some healing techniques.

During filming the director Randal Kleiser got an ugly foot infection. Travolta then started using Scientology healing practices. He was using the ”touch assist” method through which he kept poking Kleiser’s foot.

4. Cha Cha’s surgery

Annette Charles, the actress that played Cha Cha, had to be taken to the hospital for emergency surgery. She had suffered a painful ectopic surgery and had to be taken to the hospital. The thing is that she was such a dedicated actress that she waited until finishing the drag race scene between Danny and Craterface until she requested medical attention.

5. Jeff Conaway became addicted to painkillers

Jeff Conaway rose to fame by the end of the ’70s, right after acting in Grease. He was also known for his pain killer and alcohol addiction. During the ”Grease Lightning” scene he supposedly got his back injured.

He was later prescribed painkillers in order to get through the production. That didn’t go very well, because he started an addiction. In 2011 he sadly passed away because of it.

Watch out for number 9!

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