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6. John Travolta stole Jeff Conaway’s moment

What’s worse is the fact that during the Lightning scene, John Travolta stole his moment. Originally, Conaway was supposed to be singing the song, but Travolta wanted to take it. So, he convinced the producers to let him have it, only Conaway didn’t agree to it.

He eventually gave in, but many people blame this incident for Conaway’s injury which would have never happened if it wasn’t for Travolta’s ego.

What do you think about this one? 

7. John Travolta got mad

The leading actor got mad because he didn’t get his close-up at the end of the Drive-in scene. And they say rising stars aren’t full of themselves! Oh, please!

8. Several extras got really sick

During the high school auditorium scene, it was 116 degrees. Yeah, that’s pretty hot! Apparently, it was unbearable. It was so bad that the extras couldn’t physically move and some even got sick.

That doesn’t sound right at all!

9. The cast tormented Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty

The fact that this movie was a musical consisted of a lot of dancing and singing (who would of thought?!). The cast was often singing and dancing which was a problem for Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty, whose offices were right next to the studio.

Nicholson would frequently yell at the actors to shut up. I mean if I had to listen to the same songs 100 times a day, I would be pretty cranky too.

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