This 23-year-old man has a lot of friends, a part-time job and he was at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Tommy Connolly is a normal man with strange kinship relationships. His life wasn’t out of the ordinary, until he found out from a Facebook message that he will be a grandpa. Like all of us he made plans for future and one of these plans was to participate at the national and international championship competitions, but he didn’t expect that his plans will deviate.



He loved to hike and climb, everything that is related with the outdoor. But life is unexpected and offered him a major challenge. Instead of making his own business someday, he found out that he will have a huge responsibility. Tommy has a beautiful and athletic girlfriend named Olivia Tauro, but don’t call her granny, because she had a shock when she found out that she is dating a father and a grandfather.



When Tommy was a little boy, he had a cousin, who now is 17, named Kiarna. They were inseparable, until Tommy had to go in Queensland, Australia. Tommy and Kiarna hadn’t spoken for 10 years, but, then, out of nowhere, Kiarna reached him and told him some unbelievable news.Kiarna was out on the streets for many years, because her parents couldn’t care for her and, because of her pain she started taking drugs. She also had a boyfriend who is in jail now. Tommy felt responsible and he took her under his wing. He also decided to make an incredible choice and he become Kiarna’s legal guardian and this turned him into her legal father.



What he didn’t expect was that Kiarna got pregnant with her boyfriend who is behind bars. Kiarna was very scared that her baby will be taken, because she was underage. Well…this meant that her cousin and legal dad was about to become a grandpa at 23. This young grandfather was very happy when little Kaydan was born and he signed the legal adoption papers without any doubt.



At first was very hard, because he had an extra responsibility. He got a second job, but this wasn’t enough. Suddenly, Tommy’s brother came up with an amazing idea and he set up a GoFundMe account. As we all know, when you give love, you will receive love. The account was a success! For three years Tommy’s life changed for good and he said that his grandson is “the best anti-depressant that money couldn’t buy.”

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