Carrie Lewis, the photographer of Glass Crown Photography wanted to surprise some children with special needs, so she took her camera and captioned moments that were those children dreams. Lewis said that usually photographers don’t shoot children with special needs. This shocking truth came when she asked some parents with special needs kids, if they want to make their children’s dreams come true. With some help from a few cops, Carrie Lewis managed to put a smile on three pretty faces.



This past Halloween, this kind-hearted photographer made three dreams come true. She dressed up the kids in cop costumes and she started to shoot some special moments. The children’s faces were priceless. Almost 100 families responded to her request and she was very excited, because she didn’t expect this.



The cops from the Rapid City Police Department were happy to help those children. They closed off an entire alleyway and turned the sirens on for those kids. The cops showed them what looks like a simple day at the work. The children got jackets, badges, handcuffs and all. Carrie’s heart was melted when she saw the happiness on their faces, because she also has a son with special needs. Her project was a success and she proved that even these kids have dreams and in the end of the day, they are just like anybody else.



The cops who helped were also glad and they posted the photos on Facebook and wrote that “We were honored to help these kids have a day that they will remember forever!” These kids lived their fantasy and were so happy to keep the city safe and patrol the streets.



Zane who is 13 has Down Syndrome, Elliott has a coloboma in his left eye, bilateral clubfoot, 4 dead spots on his brain and cerebral palsy and Owen who is 11 has Angelman Syndrome, all three participated at Carrie’s photo shooting.

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