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Being an actor brings you a lot of benefits, especially if you live in the United States, including fame, luxury cars and houses, extravagant vacations and branded clothes. Almost everyone who graduated from a university of theatre and acting dreams of becoming a Hollywood star, such as Brad Pitt, Jenifer Aniston, Sofia Vergara, Will Smith and so on, but unfortunately, not all of them are lucky or talented enough to become a real Hollywood actor or actress.

The truth is that in some countries the film industry is not as developed as in America, and some artists in this field can’t get rich with such an activity. For example, in some European countries, being an actor or actress means doing something that you really love, but with less money than a cashier at the supermarket. In other words, the actors are ridiculously underpaid.

Even though these countries appreciate this type of industry, their community can’t provide them with sufficient resources in order to be able to further develop this field. That being said, dreaming of becoming an actress or actor in Hollywood will always be one of the biggest dreams of many young adults or teenagers around the world.

Going back to our famous actors, they are not only internationally known, as well as talented, but they are also richer than you think. Can you guess who will appear on this list? Let’s find out together, so click the “next” button and keep reading!

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