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Surely enough, from an outside perspective the celebrity status seems to offer a perfect and absolutely wonderful life, but as you already know it’s never a good idea to judge a book by its covers. Many stars have suffered because of fame. Their personal life is always a subject of debate for the entire world, they are followed at every step by the paparazzi, they cannot always rely on the discretion of their inner circle.

The pressure can be huge and overwhelming at times. So, it’s no surprise that many celebrities have resorted to alcohol and drugs in times of struggle. In addition, when you’re a star, temptations are literally everywhere you look, so it makes it very difficult to resist. It’s very easy to try them all especially when you have a lot of money and you can afford almost anything.

But from trying drugs to addiction is just one step. It’s enough to go through a moment of weakness to fall into addiction, from where you can find your way back, but not without a lot of effort, determination and a full ride on the emotional rollercoaster. This is why so many celebrities have been reported to be fighting addiction.

While some celebrities have managed to cure their addiction, others have completely destroyed their lives and careers because of drugs, like the following ones.

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