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Ivanka Trump, a businesswoman, socialite, author and former model, is U.S. President Donald Trump’s daughter and an official adviser to her father.

Check out some facts you may not know about her.

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12 thoughts on “15 Things You Didn’t Know About Ivanka Trump”

  1. Most women who put themselves first, in another words, want to keep their figure have depression. Get your mind off yourself. Focus on children and husband.

    1. Really?? You obviously don’t know anything about post partum depression? That statement is horrible!! My sister-in-law committed suicide after her 3 child because of the depression. Research this lady! You need to know the facts!!

  2. My son lived in the same apartment building as Ivanka at the University of Pennsylvania. One day I went to the cafe on the street level to get lunch. My hands were full with a sandwich bag and a drink so a pretty young woman hurried over and opened the door for me. I realized it was Ivanka Trump. Her hair was in a pony tail, and she had no makeup on. I thought that was very nice of her, and showed her good manners and thoughtfulness.

  3. I recently bought Ivankas perfume and was under the impression it was trump’s wife but then I was told it was his wife. To now find out it’s his daughter! I should of did my own research! I bought the perfume bc the good price&reviews.

  4. I love Ivanka’s brand and own clothes and shoes from her line. Her jeans fit me perfectly, I don’t have to alter the waist. I hope she comes back to the business.

  5. I admire this young woman. She once stated she wanted to “impact the lives of Americans in the most possible way.” She’s authentic and a class act.

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