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We bet it’s happened to you at least once where you started watching a TV show and you instantly fell in love with the series and with the characters.

Everyone develops a crush on some characters not only because they are so well written, but also because actors are so good at playing them.

Well, in some particular, but popular cases it wasn’t all just acting. Some actors later proved that they weren’t in fact acting when it came to some parts.

Here we have some actors who turned out to be just like their characters.

1. Charlie Sheen 

The famous actor starred in the comedy series ”Two And A Half Men”, were he was playing a rich playboy, always drinking and partying and would often bring home a prostitute.

He started having problems just like Charlie Harper, the person he was playing. Having alcohol and drug problems, acting out, eventually getting FIRED from the show. He would also frequent prostitutes.

2. Lisa Robin Kelly

Kelly played a rebel. Eric’s always getting-into-trouble older sister in the famous comedy show ”That ’70s Show”. She had an abrupt leave from the show because of her  drug abuse, from which she  passed in 2013.

What a sad turn!

3. David Duchovny

What were the odds that Duchovny would play the role of a sex addict and that he would actually be one! He even had to go to therapy for this issue and after following treatment came back home to his wife and kids.

But that didn’t last long because they separated in 2011 and then divorced in 2014. This sounds a lot like his character from ”Californication”.

4. Robert Downey Jr.

Downey changed the lives of millions of kids with his iconic role of none other than Iron Man! But the story is a little bit different in this case.

The famous actor had a rocky path, he struggled with substance and alcohol abuse, and he even got imprisoned for that! But that experience changed him and he eventually sobered up.

In the first Iron Man movie we can see a rich man who after he is captured and held hostage by the terrorists for several days, after tat he became a hero which everyone loved.

5. Emma Watson

Emma Watson’s path to fame started when she was young. She debuted in the Harry Potter movies and since then the whole world changed.

In the franchise she is being portrayed as a bookworm and what a surprise she is one in real life as well! There were several appearances through which she mentioned how important education really is.

Watson is also one of the few actors who left acting for a while in order to get her college degree.

6. Tarryn Manning 

Known for her role of Tiffany ”Pennsatucky” Doggett in the TV series ”Orange Is The New Black”, she was playing a convict with substance abuse problems and violence.

Well, the last part may actually be true, her hairstylist accused Manning of being abusive with her on several occasions, however the credibility of the accuser remains under the question mark.

7. Christopher Reeve

This is a very tragic story. Christopher Reeve was starring in a series about a paralyzed cop and the actor even practiced how to properly use a wheelchair.

Two days before the premier of the show, Reeve had a terrible accident which left him paralyzed from the neck down.

8. Hugh Grant 

Hugh Grant starred in the famous movie ”Bridget Jones’s Diary” where he played a rich playboy who eventually cheated on his girlfriend.

While he was in a relationship with the actress Elizabeth Hurley, he was caught with a prostitute and had several cheating allegations.

Take Away

I guess the saying ”Truth is stranger than fiction” is indeed true.

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