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We must admit it: we LOVE celebrities! They are fun, they are weird and silly, and most of them are ridiculously attractive! Since the beginning of time, famous people have been praised for their bodies and overall amazing appearance.

The diversity that there is in Hollywood never stops to amaze us, so here are some celebrities whose curves, chests, or even smiles are more famous than they are:

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9. Miley Cyrus

The singer has been quite famous since she was just a child and her rebellious side, which not everyone was fond of, is not the only thing that makes everyone go crazy for her, it’s her abs.

The singer has amazing, toned abs which she always chooses to put in the spotlight when it comes to the red carpet. And for good reason!

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8. Kate Upton

The 22-year-old model, just like any other model, has a body to be absolutely proud of, but Upton is not totally happy with one part of her body. Her chest is a size D, and she wishes that it was smaller.

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