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Being a reporter or news anchor is not easy, especially when you are faced with embarrassing moments, and it’s all going out live! In the history of television there have been many shameful moments, spectacular blunders, unwanted incidents, but also funny fails.

Let’s see some of the most shocking and embarrassing, but actually funny, news anchor fails.

1. Grape Nuts

During a live broadcast, weatherman Scot Haney thought he saw some grape nuts on the floor and decided to snack on them. But soon, Haney’s facial expressions begin to betray some suspicions as he eats what he initially thought were grape nuts.

Later, everyone found out that Haney had actually eaten cat vomit he had brought to the studio on his shoes. Guess he should have followed the 5-second rule.

2. Always Watch Your Step

When you are a dedicated reporter, accidents do happen. Or at least that was true for Kent Molgat, which during an interview with an irritated lawyer who left, followed him and managed to walk straight into a metal pole.

The hit was so strong that even the lawyer he was pursuing stopped to check Kent. A second angle of the camera shows that Molgat did not fall, but that the impact probably cost him a pair of glasses.

3. Oops, Wrong Guy

When Guy Coma arrived at BBC News studios for an IT job interview, he was mistaken by a staff member for technology journalist Guy Kewney, and put on live TV.

As soon as the news anchor start presenting Guy Kewney, Coma seems really scared, but, fortunately for him, he managed to answer all of the anchors questions. Too bad that this didn’t secure him a job in the IT department. But it brought him future TV appearances, for which he was actually able to prepare.

4. The Hamster Did It

Rodents surface when you least expect them. During a news story on the update for a disappearance case that went unresolved for years, when the anchor presented the name of the new suspect, viewers were shown the image of a hamster holding a movie slate.

The camera went back to the anchor after only a few moments, then very professionally moved on with her report, leaving only a faint smile to prove that ever happened.

5. Mic Check

You would expect that for those who work in television, microphones are no longer a mystery. But, even so, accidents can happen from time to time. This happened to a reporter who called a news anchor fat, without knowing that the whole world was listening.

The news anchor was telling a story about how his wife thinks he’s fat, and the reporter said on air that he’s always been fat, clearly not knowing her mic was on.

So, it seems that no news anchor or reporter is safe from embarrassing fails. Too bad for them that any fail of theirs can be seen by an entire country.

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