Brace yourselves, GoT fanatics, because winter is coming – this summer!

Finally, the announcement that the entire world was so eagerly waiting for was made. HBO just reavealed during a Facebook Live stream that the most popular show of all time will return on July 16th.

Frankly said, the amount of popularity this show still has is probably way more than the GoT producers initially thought it would be. Now Game of Thrones is about to release its seventh season and everybody is just as excited as they were years ago!

However, the – let’s say – interesting way of making the announcement was probably a bit more frustrating than it should have.


The live stream started with a giant block of ice that contained the premiere date. For every comment that read ‘Fire,’ the ice would melt a bit. Although the video had a few interruptions, things still went according to plan and the date was finally revealed.

I just wonder what would’ve happened if there weren’t enough comments… *awkward*

Naturally, some sharp-tongued critics out there expressed their frustration in really creative ways on social media. Check it out:

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