No guts, no glory, I suppose. He made billions by risking, but, of course he doesn’t like to admit that his father gave him a huge start. However, he now has a luxurious life and the perfect word for describing its favorite toys is GOLD.


He invested in many fancy cars, helicopters – almost in every expensive item that was introduced on the market. He is obsessed with gold, so he turned his penthouse into a major opulent property.


Check out the most expensive things Donald Trump owns although he didn’t need them!

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5 thoughts on “8 Outrageously Expensive Things Donald Trump Owns”

  1. I think that might be part of the fascination. He came from a family that gave him a great education, went to a military school, and started his own business with Dad’s help. Leaving out the military school, isn’t that what families do for their kids. Plus when someone who wants your vote shows up in a huge airplane to rival the best airplanes like he comes from the best country and than even walks through dirt to bypass rioters to get into a center where thousands are waiting where he gives you a 1st class speech, gees, what a guy. Hillary couldn’t even say Thanks and visit her followers when she lost, that showed weakness on her part that night. If President Trump had lost I am pretty sure he would have walked into that room and thanked his loyal followers because he sure made sure he showed up for speeches no matter how many rioters were outside of where he was giving the talk. He didn’t hide someplace to avoid not running into rioters and even being killed by an anti-Trump creep. That is what the most powerful country in the world needed right now.

    1. Don the con did not go to a military school,He was A draft dodger. He was a chicken. And you are not checking your facts.And he is stupid as you.

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