Great news for those who were thrilled when La La Land won the Oscar for Best Picture (and then sad when it actually didn’t)! One of the most acclaimed musicals of the past few years is about to start a concert tour that starts in L.A.’s famous Hollywood Ball on May 26th.

Among some of the goodies of the show, there should be mentioned a 100-piece orchestra, jazz and choir bands and amazing scenery. The shows are directed by Justin Hurwitz, who is the lucky winner of 2 Oscars for the movie’s music.


Following the Los Angeles premiere, the show will take place in cities across the US, including Atlanta, Seattle, Portland, San Diego, San Antonio, Dallas, Indianapolis, Nashville, Milwaukee, Denver, Washington and Minneapolis. If you’re thinking about going, do note that the La La Land producers strongly encourage participants to wear vintage-inspired outfits in order to get into the atmosphere of the concert.

Of course, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling won’t actually be there, but their original voice recordings will be played along with the orchestra and, as they say, it sounds real enough to give you chills. Would you like to go?

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