While all the world is focused on our new president, we’d thought to travel back in time for a bit and have another look at the modern presidents of the U.S.
Today, Lifeventure brings you a top 13 least and most popular modern presidents America got to have for the past few decades – and a question for YOU at the end! Enjoy!

#13. Harry Truman
Average rating of approval: 42.6%

Well, it seems that Harry Truman is the least popular modern U.S. President. Two of the most significant reasons could be the the high inflation and the Korean War.
However, many history specialists consider that he was one of the 10 best presidents of the US!


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46 thoughts on “13 Of The Most And Least Popular U.S. Presidents”

  1. Trump may make the worst look good. Not a man of the people and certainly a narcissist. Probably, at the end of his reign, less than 40%

  2. If all these people whom have protested against President Trump would give him a chance to prove himself, I feel like they would appreciate him more; that is unless they are afraid of work. The biggest majority of protesters against him are the ones that are afraid of losing “free government stuff”. I will leave it at that.

    1. If you just take him by what he has said and done, that in itself is frightening and dispicable.The worse is most certainly to come!

    1. You must use “an” before a word that begins with a vowel…..so, it would be “an ass.”
      However, I completely disagree with you. He is a successful businessman and the antithesis of BO.

      1. SHow would u describe successful? He has had at least four bankruptcies, been fined by the justice department at least two times, had three casinos setup in Atlantic City and then opened another to provide competition for his other casinos. Alas, the downfall of Atlantic city, has 3700 lawsuits currently awaiting court dates, and setup a bogus University to scam people out of thousands of dollars. Just off the top! Do research.

      1. keep your uninformed negative comments to yourself…If you could do better than President Trump…then run on the ballot next term…

  3. Johnny Appleseed

    Trump is a nit wit and the US will be lucky to avoid a nuclear war with him in office and he is very lucky he is not in prison because of his sexual predator behavior of preying on over 20 women

    1. No, Slick Willy Clinton is a sexual predator and a rapist that hid behind his political position to avoid legal repercussions. Obama has divide this country, alienated our allies, and bent over kissing the feet of our enemies all while apologizing. Socialist, progressive, democrats have turned the US into a welfare state and driven businesses out and our economy into the toilet.

      1. The comments from Joy and Grim Reaper are spot on. It is is easy to spot the uninformed by their ignorant comments. Give Trump a chance. He may not be perfect but the best choice to make our country great again.

  4. A narcissistic ego maniac with no inspiring message at all. Just bigotry, misogynisim, and conflict. If the best he can offer is a wall between us and Mexico despite the fact that throughout recorded history wall building has proven to be of no value (think Berlin wall, great wall of China). The only real hope is that the Democrats and Republicans can finally find common cause in initiating impeachment proceedings. Maybe then we can finally see his income tax filings.

  5. He is doing great. Washington doesn’t know what hit them. They don’t know what to do with a President who says what he means and means what he says. They don’t know how to handle a president who lives up to his campaign promises. I believe he is going to end up being the best president we have ever had, despite the looney liberals and their vitrial. If they ever get over losing the election they might even like him. Some of the liberal politicians and media have already eaten crow and admit he is doing a good job. (It’s only a few so far but I’m sure there will be more)

  6. It is far too early to make an assessment of Donald Trump as president. I also hesitate to damn him with faint praise and he does have a few troubling positions which are contrary to the U.S. Constitution and principles of liberty. However, based on his record in his first week in office, I believe that Donald Trump is the best president in my lifetime. For the record, I am 74 years old.

  7. Mary Edwards-Clark

    I think our new president will be very popular with some folks (republicans) and not popular at all with many others (democrats!) I think he is too severe an/or stubborn with many subjects/problems in our country. He just might involve us in war!

  8. He is a joke in every respect . . . he can’t be trusted, he is is first class con artist which the American people and the rest of world will soon enough see . . . . . the damage he is going to do to our nation and our security is be irreversible. If he died or was killed tomorrow, I would not even piss on his grave . . . it would be a waste of perfectly good urine.

  9. Steven R Quilico

    President Trump is some what out of control with some of his changes so far. I still think we need to give him a chance.

  10. Trump, Is the only one that would stand up for the people. He told us what he was going to do and I for one liked what he said. With that in mind I voted for him so far he is doing what he sad he would do and I’m very happy about it. The working man is tired of carrying all the sorry ass people who don’t wont to work and wont us the working men and women support them.

  11. Give the man a chance, first he has to clean up all the mess given him and get the country back on track, most of his thoughts so far are only to enforce the laws already in place (mostly on immigration) we have become a society of do whats easiest not whats right, too many do-gooders, wake up America!!!

  12. Our new president is mentally unstable and certainly much less intelligent than he thinks he is.
    If allowed to continue as president he could very well destroy this country.

    1. This Country was destroyed 8 years ago by the president before him…that president gave use promises that he couldn’t keep and sided with foreign countries to keep some form of peace so they would back off…We needed a president that could turn Our Great County back to where it was before Obama took office…All President Trump wants in his time of being Our President is to put America in better shape and give the people back their jobs with better pay rates, give the people a chance to have a health care system that they can afford that won’t put them into a hole…better housing, health care and jobs for our military that served Our Great Country…I, in my opinion President Trump is doing better and more in one week than President Obama did in 8 years…Everyone needs a chance to prove himself and the people of the USA. should give him that chance and stop putting him down…

    2. Major F.A. Lotman, ret,

      President Trump has an I.Q. rating of 156, only 4 points behind Einstein. Trump is in the top 99.99 percent of the most intelligent people in our country. I would rate him at the extreme top with Carter and Obama as the worst. Obama at the very bottom.

  13. I think regardless of what the public thinks of him when he leaves office, that he will be one of our finest presidents as he restores our country values and safety.

  14. This president is the worst in 9 days he has caused more conflict with his executive orders motto for him How to destroy a country in 9 days. His ego will be very destructive for this country.
    Giving him a chance to prove himself with his ego is scary and his poor judgement is hurting other countries as well.

    1. At least President Trump is opening the eyes of the media and the public…He is going to prove that he can do more for Our Country than any other president did in the last 25 years…One day people are going to step down and let Him do his job the right way for once in their lifetime…and see that he is able and sure of himself and will get America back in great shape.

        1. It is apparent that you are stupid. And know very little about what is going on in the world. Perhaps you should just sit you ass at Starbucks and play on your phone.

  15. the way he has started,I don,t believe he will do well at all. He certainly can not take anyone saying anything negative about him. shows me he,s to spoiled to take no for an answer. Kind of like a child to be exact.

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