Forget, but never forgive – this saying couldn’t speak more truthfully about the public’s reaction to Donald Trump. In case you’re one of the people who forgot about it (or weren’t born yet), these spicy interviews from the ’90s reveal some.. interesting details about the President’s love life and other cringe-worthy aspects of his eccentric lifestyle.

During one of his early interviews from 1999, Donald Trump discusses his presidency campaign. At the time, it all sounded just a bit worse than a bad joke.. pretty much like it did last year. At some point during the interview, Trump put Melania (who was his girlfriend) on the phone and from that point on, things just get weirder.

First of all, the interviewer asks the actual First Lady what she’s wearing, to which she answers ‘not much,’ adding that she’s ‘almost nude.’ Then, he asks her if she goes to Trump’s apartment to get laid every night and she says ‘Yes, even more.’


The interview weirdly ends with Howard asking Melania if she wants to see how hot he is and other not-so-comfortable questions.

If you dare to listen to it, here is the full interview:

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