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Just like anything else in life, every action that we take has advantages and disadvantages, and moving to another state is one of them. Although there are a lot of people who love the city they live in, many other individuals have to spend their lives somewhere they don’t like. 

For example, according to a study done by the Pew Research Center, nearly half of Americans would rather live somewhere else than they do now because they are dissatisfied with certain factors, such as the norms of their community, crime rates, or even pollution. Of course, there are people who won’t agree with this list, but a large number of U.S. respondents have determined that these are the worst states in the United States. 

That being said, if you plan to move to another state next year, you might want to think twice. Here are the worst U.S. states to live in, according to inhabitants. So, let’s find out together if you are in one of them. Read on for more info!

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35 thoughts on “Top 7 Worst U.S. States to Live In 2021. Are You In One of Them?”

  1. I lived there, I know.WE were so poor,and did not know it, my parents took care of that. In Louisiana,there are 4 forms of living,cotton,wood fish off shore trade. Left when I was 19.

    1. I believe that was your experience, and Louisiana definitely has it’s faults. I’ve lived here happily for most of my 64 years. No one in my family has ever worked in cotton, wood, fishing , or off shore trade. We are engineers , teachers, medical professionals, and law enforcement officers. I just wanted to another side to Louisiana

  2. I live in Chicago IL and doesn’t Like At ALL!!!!
    And have talked to Many people that live here and don’t like it! So You Must Not Have Interviewed
    Anyone in Chicago!!!!??????? I’m Sure it’s in the Top 5!!!🔊

    1. Please note some of the criteria used to judge a state, and you’ll understand why Illinois was not included. Two in particular, Median Income and Median Home Value. Illinois is really an affluent state so median income is higher than most other states. You know what the real estate prices are in Illinois, rather high, which this survey considers a positive thing. People come to Illinois for one thing, jobs. Why they are here is a mystery to me, but they really are.
      All states have positives and negatives, depends upon which ones are important to you.

    2. Illinois sucks period they are so corrupt even the small towns in southern Illinois are corrupt you wouldn’t believe how the city rips off their own residents it’s really sad! I left 20 yrs ago but still have family there & I don’t know why they still live there it’s not the town I grew up in that’s for sure & there’s so much crime & drugs I truly believe it’s gotten worse since a they’ve opened all the gaming rooms for gambling cause people are spending their money gambling & then can’t put their bills or buy their drugs so their stealing to get money ! There’s no jobs since Maytag closed houses everywhere vacant cause they’ve bn foreclosed on & the city & government officials know this so why on earth would they allow all these places for gambling to open all it does is make the crime rate go up!!!

      1. While I agree that Illinois is not the greatest place to live in this country (and Chicago is most of what makes Illinois bad) the main reason people live here is jobs. There are lots of them. “No jobs since Maytag closed…”, is just plain false. No idea where Maytag had a factory in Illinois, or know anyone that worked for them. Lived here for over 50 years. If one business closing destroys the economy of a state, they were hanging by a thread in the first place.
        Ask the illegal aliens why they come to Illinois (many do), the answer is simple, jobs. They may be illegal, but they work. When a similar storm to the one that hit Texas struck northern Illinois at about the same time, including the Chicago area and its endless western suburbs, what happened? Nothing, we had power and heat, roads were plowed and salted, we went to work. That was the third or fourth storm like that we’ve had this year. The snow piles on each side of our driveway are six feet high. A typical winter here, nothing I haven’t seen many times. One of the reasons it sucks here, but many people have good jobs. The median income and housing values alone push Illinois far up from any of the other states listed in this article.

      1. Unfortunately Chicago voters basically control the state government.
        I was born in Chicago in the 50’s and lived in the area til I was 28. I’ve been out of the state since 1985 and wouldn’t move back there again for any reason.

  3. We’ve been living in New Mexico for 11 years and LOVE it ! We have the most outstanding weather with sunshine most days,low humidity and an overall lovely climate. Crime is a bit higher but mostly confined to one area like any city..and doesn’t impact most of the beautiful neighborhoods around which are extremely affordable. I will say education and medical standards aren’t ideal…we’re lucky because our kids are grown and our medicare is great . Schools in Rio Rancho where we live are actually great….and our mountains… Ohhhh are spectacular!..and if you like amazing spicy food…come on down😀

  4. I lived in New Mexico. In the 50s and the 60s. I loved it. I still visit New Mexico. I love the people there. They are very nice. I love the mountains and the Native American culture. I have no idea, what it is to live there now. I know that Santa Fe, gets a lot of tourists.

  5. you don’t want to come to the rio grande valley, texas. its as bad as any listed above! a welfare state. so why do i continue to live here? i can’t afford to live anywhere else. plus, no one has the money to buy my house for cash. so here i suffer and going to die here. doesn’t this sound like a place to avoid like the plague?

  6. Don’t live in Ca
    Why mote crime. Inadequate governor and state senate highest gas and real state prices
    Higher utilities unless you are rich or liberal Or AN ILLEGAL. You get free benefits our freedims are being squelched. We have lock-in because a Civid surge according to this steate. It is just a control and manipulative tactics. Been her over 38 years. Ready to move back to home state

    1. It’s too bad you had such a poor education . That’s probably why you haven’t done well there. You are probably unskilled and can only get a low paying job. You should go back to school and get your GED . Life is about the choices you make

  7. I was born and raised in Simmesport, LA where I swan naked in the bayous, picked cotton in the fields and pecan and figs from the trees. I spent more than 30 years in the Navy and traveled all over the world. Even though I settled in FL and love it here, Simmesport, LA will always be home because of the friendly people, landscape beauty and great Cajun food. Like Ms. Wise, we were poor but didn’t know it. My father was a railroad man. My Uncle Charlie Garrison was a White man from Bunkie and married to my brown skinned aunt Ophelia. My Uncle Odie Miller was a White German married to my red-haired, freckled face Aunt Artie from Baton Rouge. They were the world’s greatest uncles. My grandfather and his six brothers all spoke French.

  8. It all depends on what part of South Carolina you live in. The upstate has a higher income level than most of the rural parts of the State. We have lived here for 40 years and now retired. Don’t plan on moving again.

  9. You forgot New York it’s filthy overpriced dangerous has high crime homeless. Drug problems and a government that does not care unless you rely on welfare if your working the taxes will kill you

    1. I think you are talkng about the city not the state. BTW the city is no longer dirty. Your comment is not correct so I wonder where you are from.

  10. Melanie Brunson

    I was born in Albuquerque, and left when I was 16. Unfortunately I ended up coming back after 12 years and have been stuck here for the last 28 years. Luckily I only lived in the city 10 years and that’s where the high crime is. I live in the east mountains and crime is low and people are nice.
    Jobs are hard to find and most employers are At Will, meaning they can fire you at any time, including when your on FMLA. It happened to me and I was thinking I was covered with the government program. Overalll, NM really is a crappy place to live unless your retired. The state motto should be, Land of Entrapment.

  11. North Dakota is an ugly state with terrible weather. Below zero most of the winter & 90-100 in the Summer. The people are nice & it had a dry climate, but 30-40 below in the winter is still colder then you can imagine & makes it tough to live very well. It is just got to be one of the top 2-3 worst states in which to live. The ONLY good thing is the N. DAKOTA STATE BISON FOOTBALL THAT WINS THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP IN THEIR CLASSIFICATION ALMOST EVERY YEAR & gives terrific hometown type players a good scholarship & education, which is very important “THESE DAYS”

    1. Bruce, I’ve lived in GF since 1987, retired from AF in 1991. Stationed at GFAFB 86 to 91, bought a house on 2 1/2 acres and have loved it ever since. The weather is not the worst, I’d rather have cold, wind and snow, than earthquakes, hurricanes! Plus it’s gun friendly and people still have work ethic and trust! I’m originally from Colorado and miss the mountains and scenery, but would rather be here! ND is beautiful in summer, the temp rarely hits 100!

  12. La ugly place to live. Your life always threatening by gansters. Horrible place to live. This city is for gangsters only to live.

  13. I’ve lived in AL most of my life. 99% of the people are friendly and treat others as tho they are related. The weather does get very warm and humid in the summers but the property taxes cause some headed for Sunny FL to stop off and stay due to the far lower prices of housing, food, clothing and shelter. One of three solvent States in our overly materialistic nation. Love it!

  14. Unfortunately, it sounds like this analysis was conceived with an arrogant, liberal bias. Personally, I don’t consider people with a lower education level to be a negative factor; I am more concerned with their value system. In today’s world of leftist academic system indoctrination producing graduates who want to legislate your freedom away the ‘higher education’ could even be considered a negative. I would also consider low average housing prices a positive rather than a negative. These type of ratings do not take into consideration that every part of a state is not affected by the same factors. If you live on acerage in a rural or semi-rural environment, you will not be exposed to the same types of factors as someone living in the inner-city urban area. ..

    1. I think you kind of missed the boat when discussing the evaluation. ( Let me just point out that I am a conservative born and bred.) The point was that people with lower level education earn less money. You can just see that in jobs with salary tiers like education. Your level of education entitles you to a certain salary, which is enhanced by years on the job…up to a point, where you are required to get more education. It’s the same for doctors. If you have only a lower level education you can only get lower level jobs, which is why some people turn to crime to support themselves. You may say “not so; look at plumbers.” They may have lower level education but if you factor in training and apprenticeship as education it comes out the same.

  15. Christina Veysey

    I don’t even live in Alabama; however, how does having the state with the most people going to church make it a bad place? WTH

  16. This is definitely a Liberal’s perspective of which STATES are to be avoided. How about NY with a corrupt Governor whose decisions killed many elderly people in nursing homes, with a mayor in NYC who is determined to ravage the city by defunding the police. Allowing sanctuary cities while declaring that they need GOVERNMENT subsidies to survive?! Remember 911 and what those heroes and first responders did to save countless lives?! How about California, where San Francisco and LA are cesspools for homeless in the street. Defecating in the streets, looting, robbing, etc.
    Illinois and the unchecked murders in Chicago where there are gun laws and only the thugs can own guns?! Alabama is such a terrible state, that has the highest rate of church goers! That doesn’t compute! Is it now a crime to ATTEND CHURCH! I spend a great deal of time in SC that has very low property taxes, plentiful affordable good housing, and excellent gas prices. More importantly, I have found the people to be very friendly and accommodating because they love it here. Many are from PA,NY and NJ. In contrast to my hometown of PA where unemployment is rampant, people are openly unhappy and we have a Governor (Dictator) named Wolf who is determined to ruin the State with unexplained, illogical closures, with an inept Department of health who just recently mismanaged the administration of COVID 19 vaccine and also cutout FAMILY PHYSICIANS in the group that should administer the vaccine! CA should be # 1, NY #2, Illinois, specifically Chicago, #3, PA should be #4. You can pick the next states.

    1. You are 100% correct! I live in Louisiana and I certainly would not want to live in New York, California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, etc. How about Michigan with the Juanita Peron wannabe?

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