Unfortunately, there are many ways you can be scammed off your money at an ATM. Be cautious when you’re using it, because scammers are dangerous persons with genius minds. They are using hacking devices hard to track if you’re not paying close attention.


It’s very important to take precautions when using an ATM. Follow these rules to avoid being a victim of an ATM scam:

  • Stick to the ATMs of your own bank or the banks you know and trust
  • Cover the keypad from potential hidden cameras as best as you can
  • Set up a transaction alert on your mobile phone with your bank so that you receive texts alert every time a transaction is made from your account
  • On entering an ATM, check the surrounding area carefully for any signs of scamming devices

Next time you’re using an ATM, be sure you have in mind these insane ways scammers can use to steal your card details and if you see anything suspicious notify the company of your concerns.

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