Harry Potter fans were amazed and terrified by it. Christians said it was a religious warning. Others said it was just a weather effect. One thing is for sure: everybody who saw this was scared as heck and ran for their lives.

It was an usual day for people in Kitwe, Zambia – a bit clowdy, but that’s not out of the ordinary. Some locals were going in and out of a shopping store, when they noticed something really, really weird on the sky.


The first thing that came to mind for many were the well-known Dementors in Harry Potter and we can’t blame them! In the books, it says that Dementors feed on other people’s souls and their appearance disturbs peace and happiness.

Apparently, this shape was no less than 330 feet long and, judging be the photos, it’s definitely true.


Some people said that this was the image of God showing Himself to the world, while others claimed it was in fact an evil sign coming straight from Hell.


And, of course, those who don’t believe any of the above found a logical explanation: it could’ve been a ghost man kite led by really thin strings. (If that’s the case, the guys who did it should get an award for the best prank ever!)

In the same way, it could’ve been simply Photoshopped. I mean, why didn’t anyone record a video of this weirdly shaped thing? Reportedly, it flew around for about 30 minutes, so there would’ve been plenty of time to document the whole event.


Whatever may have been, it was definitely an entertaining story, especially for Harry Potter fans!

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