Jealousy is one of the coolest trends in relationships nowadays. We all know at least one crazy bastard who secretly checks the partner’s phone, texts and whose primary job is stalking. And we think that these very people took things to the next level and invented micro-cheating.

Basically, in case there weren’t enough things to stalk, check and observe, the concept of micro-cheating gives you even more to worry about. This revolutionary thing can even turn breathing into a sign that your partner’s cheating!

Don’t believe me? Neither did I, until I googled and found out some of the most ‘obvious’ signs of micro-cheating. So if you want to be (more) paranoid than you already are (or just have fun), check them out now!


#1 He offers you the same perfume that she wears so you remind him of her.

But you don’t know that. So you can only assume it and burn the house down.

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