For sure, animals are our four paws friends and they give us their support, love and affection. You can’t pass by when you see a dog helping oder people or doing stuffs that only humans can do.

They show us their respect not only by being trustful, they are good listeners, loving souls and helpful minds. Dogs are there for us, no matter what, loving us unconditionally.

Some dogs are trained to become guide dogs for blind people, others are trained to help persons that suffers from PTSD. Sadly or not, some dogs can’t manage to end well this training program. This amazing Labrador is one of those dogs that didn’t succeed in the training program, but this pushed his limits and he never give up.


Now he works in Australia in a hotel being their concierge. This blonde Labrador was very lucky and his future will be bright, in his new position as concierge. This job is perfect for him. Well done, Mr. Walker!


Don’t you think he is working all the time… Every day he is taking his nap and being spoiled by the custumers. He also have a co-worker, Parker The Pug. The most important thing in life is to be happy with who you are and what you do, so, thanks God, Mr. Walker is the happiest dog on Earth.


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