This is the one and only gene therapy treatment ever made for inherited blindness, called Luxturna and was approved by the FDA last month. This gene therapy injection is the most expensive treatment in the world, coming with the shockingly cost of $850,000.


The company which released this expensive drug is Spark Therapeutics wanted to sell Luxturna for 1 million USD, but they lowered the price after health insurers expressed their concerns over the ability to cover this extremely expensive cost of the injectable treatment.


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1 thought on “The Most Expensive Treatment Medicine Ever Made”

  1. Ethe foreign companies that assume that Americans are so rich that they can just ‘come up with any amount if they really want to’ are the vultures of humanity that would rather see their drugs go out of date unused on the shelf than see human beings be helped. It’s a sick system that victimizes the poorest in America as well as other nations. The income and bonuses and health coverage of that company’s CEO should be leaked to the media along with the number of blind people who cant be helped due to their greed.

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