A 28-year-old teacher from Kabul, Afghanistan decided to name his son Donald Trump to bring him luck and good fortune. Until now, this idea only made life harder for his family. The teacher’s wife, Jamila gave birth to their son in August of 2016 the time when the president Donald Trump was involved in a campaign for president of the United States.



The parents were impressed by the attitude of Donald Trump and they were fascinated by his skills of businessman. When Sayed Asadullah Poya, the teacher had just finished reading a 2004 book by the ex-star of The Apprentice named “Trump: How to Get Rich” and after seeing the unusual blond hair of his son, he knew he had to name the child Donald Trump.

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3 thoughts on “Afghan Parents Name Their Toddler After Donald Trump”

  1. I think this is the best time for HH to go and show “patriotism because the president will not be there. If he wants to wait until the president goes then he has an Hagenda to make. He is not news until the president goes there! 2 3

  2. So now that trump has instituted his “muslim travel ban” and clearly hates muslims do you still feel the same way?

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