This 13-year-old boy is the youngest home builder. Luke Thill, a teenager from Dubuque, Iowa decided to build his own house in his family’s backyard. He took this challenge when he realized that he got plenty of time and energy. You will not believe how the end result looks like. It’s easy to build your own house when you have so many DIY projects on the internet. Of course, building something requires a lot of materials, which costs some money. So, Luke asked his parents if they can give him some money and fortunately, the answer was yes. Greg, Luke’s dad was very happy when he heard the news, because he saw an opportunity in this to teach his son a valuable life lesson.



All of Luke’s neighbors helped him with money, but not for free, Luke cut their lawns. It took a year before he raised $1,500 to start building. Well…you probably noticed that Luke is a smart boy, so he recycled some materials for his home. He used many things from his grandma’s garage and a friend’s front door. He was ready to start his project! Everyone around town had heard about Luke’s project, so he decided to create a YouTube Channel to keep in touch with them, since everyone was interested in Luke’s house project.



Like many projects, his project came with some obstacles, but this didn’t stop him. For his counter top he used liquid glaze and stained glass, but it wasn’t a good idea, so he studied the process on YouTube videos. He didn’t give up and his all dedication was admired by others. When his house was ready and it had almost everything, he realized that something is missing…a toilet. Plumbing wasn’t for him, but when the house was finished completely, Luke did a video tour and then he shared it on YouTube.



It took a year to earn the money and a year to build his 89-square-foot house, but everything was worth it. Luke is a very lucky boy, because he was on the front page news also the local TV stations shared his story and even Good Morning America was impressed by Luke’s tiny house. What he didn’t expect was that he was contacted by his main inspiration, Derek Diedricksen, who is an author that talks about building and designing tiny houses.



Luke was the perfect role model for his brother, who also wanted to start a DIY project. Luke helped his brother, Cole with his teardrop camper project. Cole is so lucky to have a brother like Luke. Also he shared his progress on YouTube and used reclaimed materials. Now they have over 9,000 subscribers on YouTube, but Luke never thought he will be famous just by building a tiny house for him. So, these brothers are an inspiration for other kids and they always remind us that everything is possible.

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