Trump has made a record number of false or misleading statements. Such statements have been so numerous that commentators and fact-checkers have described the rate of his falsehoods as unprecedented in politics. Here are 10 falsehoods of 2018!

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Donald Trump Lies of 2018 ”

  1. Yes President Trump lies a lot and does so many bad things!

    The Democrats never lie and never accept bribes from large corporations and rich influential people!

    The also have fought for decades so hard to prevent the export of tens of millions of good paying manufacturing jobs to China and other low wage countries!

    The Democrats have always protected American families against illegal immigration that cause wage growth to stall or push wages down and increased the crime rate. Illegals were always swiftly deported by the Democrats, especially the criminal ones!

    The Democrats never wasted America’s tax Dollars on all kinds of social or legal services for illegals or criminal illegals!

    The Democrats also voted always against fighting those useless and wasteful wars all over the world against countries that actually never had attacked the United States!

    Yes I totally agree that President Trump and the Republicans are ones that are bad and the Democrats are good, honest, very reasonable people who always have worked hard for the well-being of the American working families!

    How can you not vote for those wonderful Democrats?

  2. This obsessed liar, yellow-bellied coward who (unlike me) refused to serve in our military; this fake President who was a loser by MILLIONS of the real votes of real Americans and could only get the office with the fake (although legal) votes of the 18th century electoral college, this half-wit who never read a book and who reads on the 4th grade level and moves his lips when he reads to himself… This guy has a lie for EVERYTHING he’s failed at, and everything he wants to excuse or deny. He loves to lie and it’s the only thing he does well. Oh, I forgot, he did his six, or was it eight, bankruptcies well. He has always longed to be considered a Celibrity, and now that he finally is one, there has never been any so undeserving except Al Capone and maybe Dillinger. He’s always had a small following because he says he’s a billionaire, which is a lie now and has almost always been so. Anyone knowledgeable could write a book about his stupidity alone. Democrats (and many others) won’t use tough true words like liar about him because they don’t want to “descend to his level” so they just say, “When they go low, we go high.” This is why they will continue to lose. When your opponent is someone like Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot or Donald Trump you can’t fight back with pea shooters. Your language has got to hit as hard as his! And you have the truth on your side. He’s really just a noisy raging, bungling, impulsive, immature fool propped up by Republicans who have learned to use him to get some things they’ve longed for for decades. Democrats need to learn to stop pussyfooting and begin stomping, or they will surrender to Republicans, who will make the U.S. into Mexico of the 1960s where their cohort will own the country and corruption will rule indefinitely. And DEMOCRATS WILL BE TO BLAME for being weaklings and allowing it to happen.

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