Although every headache happens for a reason, the actual cause of migraines is still unknown. Some people struggle with headaches often and we all know that they can ruin our entire day.

Here are some of the main types of headaches and how you can detect them based on where it hurts.


A great way to get rid of a headache without ibuprofen or other type of medication is by using your own body! The central point of your forehead, right between the eyebrows, is commonly known as Yin Tang. Also known as the Ajna center (or third eye), this spot is often the origin of migraines and other types of headaches.


If you want your headaches to be less annoying (and even disappear), you can press lightly on the Yin Tang Point using your index finger. You have to keep pressing for 30 seconds straight while keeping your eyes closed and focusing on the light pressure in that area. If that doesn’t work, though, wait a few minutes and press again for one minute straight.

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